Petro Zillia

Petro Zillia

Flirty blouses, crochet minis, tiered lace prairies, polka dot sleeves, oh my!

… Step inside the head of Nony Tochterman, and escape into fantasy fashion island. Bold colors, vivid detail, retro trends with modern twists ... this is PETRO ZILLIA. Born in 1996, PETRO ZILLIA, takes a whimsical look at high fashion, using luxurious fabrics and innovative ideas.

PETRO ZILLIA’s carefree, fearless attitude toward clothes is obvious in the structure and path it has chosen to take. It is inspiration for the woman that is fashion savvy, and isn’t afraid to wear clothes that reflect her … she is confident, ageless, and fun. It observes and honors vintage fashion, with its bright colors, one of a kind patchwork, respect to detail and above all fashion integrity.

PETRO ZILLIA is given life inside of Nony’s imaginative fashion playground; her Los Angeles based studio. Surrounded by walls and walls of lush fabric in the workroom, deep ballistic colors, plush oversize vintage chairs, and a showroom closet any women would die to have. “It’s hard for me to separate my life from fashion.” And how could she? Nony learned to knit, sew, and cut fabric by the time she was seven. She grew up watching her hip fashion designing mother run a trendy boutique in her native home of Tel Aviv, Israel. As a little girl Nony would frequent her mother’s factory and create clothes for her dolls, at 11 she launched into selling feathered earrings to the girl’s in the neighborhood, and by the age of seventeen she sold her first hand loomed sweater in her mother’s boutique under a pseudo label … the rest is fashion addict history.

Relocating to Los Angeles, Nony hit the hip LA boutiques and worked the retail end of the business, attending what she called “the school of life.” She headed to New York on a whim to expand her fashion horizons. Her whim turned into ten years of big city life and undeniably her most important discovery to date her business partner Yosi Drori, who soon became her husband and the father of her two beautiful children.

PETRO ZILLIA’s simple vision of courageous accessories, hats, scarves, handbags, has turned into a largely successful ready to wear collection, that is a hit amongst fashion stars such as Britney Spears, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, and Madonna; and has been splashed across the pages of fashion magazines such as Vogue, W, Harper’s Bazaar, InStyle and Marie Claire.

“Life is short you have to have fun, be surrounded by people you love, and you have to be inspired.”